Hello Friends,

This blog is an attempt to share my preparation strategy for Civil services examination. First of all, a brief background: I am a graduate in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from IIT Guwahati. I graduated in 2013. Afterwards I worked for about 16 months in an oilfield MNC (Schlumberger). I resigned from the same in July 2015 and came back home to prepare full time for the civil services examination.

CSE 2016 was my first attempt and I chose Physics as the optional for I had confidence on no other subject and the very reason that I would get to study it again pushed me to come forth to appear in this exam.

In rest of the posts, I would try to sum up the various sources I studied from and lastly to share the owed credit for it all.

~ Prateek Jain (AIR 82 CSE 2016)


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  1. Hlo sir…i met u today in the function…u r truly an inspiration for me…such a humble and kind personality…sir if possible can i hv any contact wid u through any media for educational purpose….thnku so much sir….stay blessed


  2. 1.) Sir, what should be the criteria for chossing physics optional like he or she should have a strongbackground in physics or has brought good marks in school in physics or he / she should be the candidate of IIT OR NIT?


    1. Nothing as you say But solely on one basis i.e. your interest in this subject. If you are sure that you can study the same subject for four years in great detail (in worst case scenario) then take it with utter confidence and faith.


      1. Sir, i have just completed my graduation in june 2017 from a private college. Initally, sir i wanted to take maths as an optional subject for this exam but NITISH K sir refused me to take maths because he told that you must have brought full marks in your semster maths examination then only you can opt for this optional. Then sir i decided to take geology but with this subject the problem was with the palentology subject where there were very diffcult nomenclature to remember. Therefore, sir i did not choose that optional. Finally sir this november i decided to take PHYSCIS as my optional subject for this examination.
        so, sir lastly i want to know from you that how should i start my prepration ,what should me my strategy ,from which subject i should start my preparation and how many hours should i devote to general studies and newspaper reading ?


      2. First, the choice of optional in UPSC need not to be reflective and in consonance of your past academic record. Thus, the argument of must of 100% marks in semester exams is not necessary.

        Coming to prep with Physics as optional etc.. i have briefed my entire methodology in blog entries on this blog itself. (How to prepare GS and Physics). Kindly go through them once and if you are still left with any doubt or unclarity drop a mail at reach.prateekjain@gmail.com


  3. Very well written Blog sir.. I wanted to ask whether you started preparation from july 2015 when you left your job or you were preparing along with the job and then left it to peruse it full time


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