Interview Transcript

Following are my interview details and transcript.
Chairman: Mr. Chattar Singh

Date: 07 April 2017 , Forenoon session


Education: B.Tech EEE, IIT Guwahati (2009-2013)

Work experience: Schlumberger

Hobby: Reading books, watching movies, writing poetry


Prateek Jain Interview Transcript


Overall the interview was very cordial and comforting. For none of time I felt that they were trying to corner me. Instead after a while it had become quite conversational (as one member talked in Assamese and I replied too). Though it ended quite abruptly as generally in mocks Chairman used to ask the concluding questions and thus, I was expecting similar case in my interview too. But it was a worthy experience in total.


One thought on “Interview Transcript

  1. Thank you ji for sharing your experience and resources during your UPSC journey with us.The suggestions you have given above are very nice ,practical and unique.As an aspirant I have enjoyed all your writings a lot.

    Wish you all the best for your coming days.


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