Coaching Institutes

General Studies:

I didn’t join any classroom classes for General studies(GS). I was of the opinion that since it is called ‘General’ by UPSC itself thus, it must be prepared at very general level and none of expertise is required in the given field. Thus, I talked to my brother and parents and convinced them that I wouldn’t be joining any classes for the same and rather prepare it on my own through standard textbooks, newspapers and maybe online sources.

But I did join test series for both Prelims (VisionIAS) and Mains (Insights and VisionIAS). And I found both of them to be highly beneficial. They helped me to simulate the exam like conditions and experiment a bit on various trivialities (like choice of right pen) before the final exam. It was during these mock tests only that I learned actual time management. I would say don’t rely on the final outcomes of these mock tests i.e. don’t take the score/marks in these tests to your heart rather analyze them to very best. For instance, your attempt in different GS papers, writing speed, your peers approach etc.

Optional – Physics:

I joined DIAS for both classroom and test series.

Personality Test:

I joined Samkalp interview guidance program and it was really helpful (especially the mock tests organized by it)

Also, I gave one mock test at Byju’s

PS: Follow Online world and my journey with UPSC  to know about GS preparation strategy


One thought on “Coaching Institutes

  1. Hi

    Q. Am preparing for last 3 months, and have recently left the job. I will do GS prep by myself and Coaching for Optional. Then from when onwards should I join Prelims and Mains Test series?

    When did u join Prelims and Mains Test series? Just to get the rough idea.


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