Note making and my Evernote notes of GS


As promised earlier, I am sharing my online notes of General studies. My main purpose behind this is to just share the idea that how exactly I  managed ‘all’ the relevant information and the subtopics in GS for the final output in the mains examination. I had prepared 2 set of notes: one set was handwritten – prepared from the standard textbooks. This was largely to remember things in my own way( for ex converting Ethics lexicon in 10 A4s). Second set of notes were online – prepared to manage the dynamic portion of exam. For ex day-to-day events, readings from Internet etc.

For the latter I preferred online version as I found them more handy, as in it was easier to add or take out any part from the online notes as compared to handwritten ones. (given the fact that we need them for good amount of 2 years in which various things keep on changing). Also, it is little bit easier to search and organize dynamic notes online.

How I organized Evernote Notes:

I had divided whole notes in the following format; where I divided and stacked the subtopics paperwise, like Geography, History, Sociology in GS1 and so on forth. The numerals beside each subtopic indicates the number of individual notes (for ex: in given image Agriculture sub topic of GS3 has 6 main topics to cover which are covered separately in 6 different notes.)


General Note Making:

While notes making I used to ensure the holistic viewpoint i.e. trying to prepare any topic comprehensively. That is besides knowing the factual details of anything I used to also summarize the overall +ve and -ve of anything and everything. For ex: Talking of MGNREGA, it is necessary to analyze and evaluate the scheme for both its pro and cons and also with a way ahead so as to how the cons can be managed and can be tuned down.



GS 1: 



Social Issues

GS 2: 


International Relations

Policies & Governance


GS 3:






Science and Tech


GS 4:






Committees and Models


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