Test Series Answer Booklets

I am uploading my checked answer copies of VisionIAS.

General Studies 1 (unchecked) Vision GS1 Test 1 (760) Answer Booklet

General Studies 2 Vision GS4 Test 1 (762) Answer Booklet

General Studies 3 Vision GS3 Test 1 (759) Answer Booklet

General Studies 4 Vision GS4 Test 1 (760) Answer Booklet



For now I have uploaded Optics answer booklet only in the Google drive folder, soon enough I would also upload others too.

PS: Post discussion of Optics test I felt that I had written a lot and had thus compromised on attempt and accuracy in couple of questions in this test, which I later tried to rectify.

Sir, has always insisted that 10 marker questions should be answered in 1 page and 15-20 markers in not more than 2 pages with all relevant diagrams, formulas and answers.

Google Drive link: 



4 thoughts on “Test Series Answer Booklets

  1. Physics booklets will be very helpfull sir. I have never seen one before.Thank you for your efforts sir. If you can share sample physics notes of yours just for reference i would be indebted sir.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulation for your achievement.
    Your flash note is amazing and very helpfull. Please share scan copies of other notes .




  3. Jai Hind Sir,
    Sir so much thanks to you for physics test paper and answer booklet, we get a direction from it. I’m to ask a question – I am from Hindi medium and have thought of taking physics as optional subject in Civil service exam ,can it harm me in marking? Please tell. 🙏🙏
    We hope that you will provide us your auspicious suggestions and directions .


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