Physics Downloads

Here are some of the resources that I gathered online and henceforth, sharing over here.

Physics e-Books

Abhijeet Agarwal Notes

I consulted these notes at very later stage, primarily to prepare some of the fringe topics like magnetic shell in Electro, NMR, applications of H ion in astronomy etc.. I also solved the given numerical in the notes.

Rishav Gupta Notes

IoFS Previous Year Physics Papers

Physics Flash Notes

Physics Test Series Answer Booklets


PS: For now I have uploaded only Optics notes. I would also upload the other topics for reference.

Good Luck!


Test Series Answer Booklets

I am uploading my checked answer copies of VisionIAS.

General Studies 1 (unchecked) Vision GS1 Test 1 (760) Answer Booklet

General Studies 2 Vision GS4 Test 1 (762) Answer Booklet

General Studies 3 Vision GS3 Test 1 (759) Answer Booklet

General Studies 4 Vision GS4 Test 1 (760) Answer Booklet



For now I have uploaded Optics answer booklet only in the Google drive folder, soon enough I would also upload others too.

PS: Post discussion of Optics test I felt that I had written a lot and had thus compromised on attempt and accuracy in couple of questions in this test, which I later tried to rectify.

Sir, has always insisted that 10 marker questions should be answered in 1 page and 15-20 markers in not more than 2 pages with all relevant diagrams, formulas and answers.

Google Drive link:


Strategy for Physics

I had no pure background in Physics except the fundamental concepts of senior secondary and few basic courses attended while during engineering. Yet, if there is one subject which I love the most and could study just for the sake of it, then it was Physics only; thus, I chose Physics over any other optional. NOT because it was scoring, or had less syllabus or was easy or whatever. For as every one says that each optional is equally difficult and easy; thus, what matters is personal inclination for a subject and nothing else.

In this examination the physics optional syllabus is midway of BSc and that of MSc hons. in Physics. Thus, in order to cover the syllabus in best suited time and understand the overall demands of the examination, I joined the classroom study program at DIAS under the guidance of DP Vajpeyi Sir. I for one can say that these classes were upto the mark and helped a lot in covering the depth and breath of the whole syllabus in a very holistic manner. Around 60% of final notes got prepared during the classes itself while rest were finalized with self study and topic wise books and Internet.

Following are few sources and links that I followed (in brackets topics are mentioned which I found to be the best)

Paper I


  • An introduction to Mechanics by Kleppner and Kolenkow
  • Mechanics by D S Mathur  (Mechanics of continuous media)
  • Electricity and Magnetism by David J Griffiths (Relativity)


  • Optics by Ajoy Ghatak (polarization and LASERS)
  • Optics by Brijlal, Subramaniam (diffraction)

Electricity and Magnetism:

  • Electricity and Magnetism by David J Griffiths (Boundary value problems)


  • Thermodynamics, kinetic theory and statistical thermodynamics by Sears and Salinger
  • Thermal Physics by Garg Bansal Ghosh (very important from exam point of view)

Paper II

Quantum Mechanics:

  • Quantum Mechanics by David J. Griffiths
  • Concepts of Modern Physics by Arthur Beiser
  • Quantum Physics by HC Verma

Atomic Structure:

  • Atomic and Molecular Spectra by  Raj Kumar

Nuclear Physics:

Solid state and Electronics:

  • Solid state physics by Puri and Babbar
  • Internet for learning Logic gates, boolean etc


  • Notes of Abhijeet Agrawal and Rishav Gupta: They are largely same as the classroom notes but with some added information and problem questions which help in understanding the concepts in a better way.
  • Previous year questions of IAS and IoFS:  They are very important. By doing them one can observe the pattern  and Sometimes they are repeated in the paper.
  • HC Verma and I.E. Irodov

Test Series:

I joined mains test series at DIAS. These mock tests acted important link in one’s preparation and the final outcome. It not only exposes the weaknesses but also helps in building the examination temperament.

Other useful links:

Concluding words

  • By the end your notes should be such that the whole syllabus can be revised in just 4 hours. (Thus, Flash notes. I would share them in the following posts) ~ topper 1
  • Physics would take time initially but if once prepared well it will be easier and faster only. ~topper 2